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Westchester County Education Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation, and Appeals Lawyer

At The Law Office of Barry R. Fertel, clients and their needs are put first. Attorney Barry Fertel has practiced in New York for over 40 years as a client-oriented lawyer ardently devoted to safeguarding his clients’ legal rights and promoting their interests.

The firm practices in education law and has helped many families and special needs children find education that suits the child’s best interests. He has successfully represented students from elementary school through graduate and professional schools when faced with disciplinary proceedings. He has advised private and charter schools on various issues. Barry also practices in real estate law , representing clients across a broad spectrum of residential and commercial property matters, and in civil litigation and appeals . His firm has successfully tried a number of high-end cases throughout the United States.

Dedication to New York In and Out of Law

In his extensive service to law and to the community, Barry has held a number of positions that have successively contributed to his knowledge and legal experience. Currently, He proudly served as a member of the New Rochelle City Council for fourteen years. He began his legal career as an assistant attorney general with the New York Attorney General’s Office. Throughout the over 30 years of his legal practice, he has assumed many meaningful positions, tried dozens of cases, served as a court examiner in Westchester County, and worked with a number of successful New York law firms.

As an attorney, Barry has singularly served Westchester County through his 14-year tenure on the New Rochelle Board of Education. During this time, he served as president and vice president of what is one of the largest New York school districts. This experience qualifies Barry in a significant way as an education law lawyer. He has a broad and unmatched perspective on education law issues, student issues, and employment issues. He fully grasps both sides of education law: the position of the school board and that of parents who are communicating with the school board to ensure that their children get the education they need. As an attorney, an administrator, and a father, he is passionate and dedicated to education matters in the state of New York.

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